Our Vision for the Candidate.

We always aim to treat you professionally, keep you informed, and seek to be a high-level, value-added provider. We achieve greatest job satisfaction when we are able to place you and then partner you in hiring your new team.

We firmly recognise that today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client.

Retained Search and Selection.

In excess of 90% of our work is on client-retained assignments. That is, we are working on a financially committed brief from a relatively small number of clients at any one time. Those clients are our priority and as a candidate on such an assignment, you will be our core focus.

Speculative Candidates.

Please feel free to send us your CV and we will keep you informed of roles which we consider could be of interest. In doing this, it is essential to have salary parameters, geographic limitations and knowledge of the kinds of roles which could be of interest.

We tend not to see speculative candidates, unless we have an opportunity pending which may be mutually of interest.

We Will Keep You Informed.

The search and selection process can be notoriously slow and frustrating from the candidate’s perspective. We work hard to make it as swift, professional and transparent as possible.

Interview Feedback.

We take a pride in providing for you clear, valuable, and constructive feedback during the process. We know it is often immensely difficult to gain this so we work hard to give you facts, views, issues and perceptions which may help in your approach.

Broader-based Career Feedback.

We have a sound reputation as a valuable sounding board to the high-level candidate. This includes your realistic chances of success in securing roles, career direction, motivations and drivers, work/life balance and a ‘Recruiters View’ of your strengths, limitations, hurdles and career plan.